90.5 The Kat Celebrates 40 Years

Hey, check it out: KSHU had a birthday. Stay informed and impress your friends with this brief from the Houstonian (Oct. 9):
90.5 the Kat, Sam Houston State University’s radio station, known for informative and entertaining content, celebrated its 40th birthday on Monday.

On Oct. 7, 1973, KSHU got its start as a small time radio station broadcasting out of the Peabody Library with only 10 watts of power, just enough juice to reach the edges of on-campus listeners.... The station now reaches almost all of Walker County, and it has become an information hub for both students and residents. The station gained local fame for live-broadcasting about Old Main as it burned down in 1984, despite the Peabody Library itself in danger of catching fire.... KSHU has expanded and added a Spanish-language station, known as El Gato, in the spring of 2012.

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