University Hotel Making Adjustments After Alarming Fire Report

The Houstonian reports that the University Hotel had nine fire safety problems identified in a State Fire Marshal audit from February, according to Steve Shields, Director of Environmental Health, Safety, and Risk Management. Five issues have been fixed and the last two have been scheduled and funded:
One problem that has yet to be fixed is the fire alarm system. According to the report, the fire alarm system in the hotel is inadequate and does not have the required detection devices and alarm placement. The current alarm can’t be heard in all of the rooms, and there is no visual notification devices for the hearing impaired in the public areas. Also, the sprinkler system will not activate the building fire alarm upon activation.

Another problem that hasn't been fixed yet is the lack of self-closing devices installed in the doors separating the Criminal Justice building from the Hotel. This may lead to a potential fire to jump to the other building, the audit noted. This will be fixed by June 1, 2014, according to the updated audit.

Five problems that have been fixed were completed since the February inspection include a large quantity of combustible items stored in the unfinished basement area of the hotel.
Other minor issues elsewhere on campus were found at White Hall, Belvin-Buchanan, Sam Houston Village, Gibbs Ranch House, the CJ center Dormitories, and Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Chi Omega, Sigma and Zeta sorority houses.


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