CJ To Welcome Freshmen With New Learning Community

Today@Sam has more about the changes at Houston House, home of the new College of Criminal Justice Learning Community:

This fall, the College of Criminal Justice will open a new dorm for criminal justice majors, where freshman can live and study together as part of a learning community.

Freshman Learning Communities are designed to help students successfully transition into their first year at college, not only helping them stay in school but giving them a foundation for their remaining college years, according to CJ adviser Fabia Mendez.

The Houston House will be home to the inaugural cohort of students who will participate in the College of Criminal Justice's new Freshman Learning Community by living and taking 9 hours of classes together.
This will be the second such learning community to have been housed on Sorority Hill.  The Bearkat Learning Community, now housed in Raven Village, began in Fall 2001 in what is now the Sigma Sigma Sigma Sorority House.  It moved to Randel and Vick Houses in 2002.


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