Woodlands Center Getting Bigger, Busier

The Item (Jul. 5) highlights some of what's going on at SHSU's campus in The Woodlands:
According to Dr. Janet Mullings, executive director of The Woodlands Center, SHSU’s campus in The Woodlands enrolled 2,046 students in the fall of 2013 — an increase of almost 20 percent since fall 2011.

The Woodlands Center offers 16 undergraduate degrees, 16 graduate degrees and two doctoral degrees. Although the center only offers junior- and senior-level classes, students can take their beginning-level courses in the Lone Star College system, through SHSU Online, or through in-class credits at SHSU’s main campus.

Members of The Woodlands campus community try to interact with each other in the same way students do at the main campus.
During the annual Tree of Lights ceremony, students at TWC watch a live broadcast of the main campus version and plug in a tree in their lobby at the same time.

“We work really hard to bring (the climate of the main campus) here for our students,” Mullings said. “We have a lot of artwork and pictures of the main campus in the building. We even have a lot of the same student services at the center that other students have.”

Those include the advising center, the veteran advising center, the student health center and others that make regular trips to TWC.

Mullings said that Dr. Wally Barnes will make a permanent movement to TWC when the reading center opens an office there soon. Barnes currently oversees the main campus’ reading center. Mullings said the offices are nearly complete and will be opened soon.

Mullings said she polls students every semester and that interest in forming student groups has increased. Students in The Woodlands already participate in Bearkat All Paws In, the largest community service project at SHSU.

Bearkats of the Woods formed in 2012 and was given official status last semester along with financial support from SHSU Student Services. “Bearkats of the Woods created an official charter with a mission focus to provide a voice for the students at The Woodlands Center (TWC) and create a culture that is supportive and fosters academic success,” said Gina Wilson, the group’s immediate past president. “During those formative months, group volunteers created and executed events true to the mission statement, introduce students to and engaged them with Bearkats of the Woods.”

Part of that growth includes recent construction on a nursing program wing. Half of the fourth floor underwent construction during the summer and is expected to be completed by December with classes beginning in January 2015....


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