History of Criminal Justice Building

The Houstonian (Nov. 17) tours the Beto Criminal Justice Center - time capsule, hat, and all:
Construction on the CJ building began in the 1970s and was erected entirely by inmate labor, which reduced costs dramatically. According to buildingshsu.com, there is a display in the building honoring the inmates who helped with construction, highlighting the irony in the fact that convicted felons built a facility that would prepare future generations for careers in law enforcement.

Hey, that's us.

“They did an outstanding job,” criminal justice professor Larry Hoover said. “Rumors of deliberate sabotage and so forth were not true. The building was completed flawlessly, essentially, and has been a great aspect to the criminal justice center.”

Inside of the display sits the hat of one of the inmates who assisted with the construction.

The interior of the criminal justice building is home to multiple classrooms and offices, a 500-seat auditorium and courtroom.

This April, the criminal justice department will celebrate their 50th anniversary by honoring the academic success that has been achieved throughout the administration.

To top off the celebration, the department will be opening a 25-year-old time capsule that contains descriptions of programs and a photograph album that depicts a day in the life of a criminal justice student, among other things.


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