Parking Lot Closure For Radio Upgrade

Upgrades to a campus radio system (not KSHU) are on tap this weekend, according to the Houstonian (Nov. 12):

A portion of the parking lot adjacent to the Newton Gresham Library will be closed Saturday morning to allow for the installation of an upgraded radio system on the campus of Sam Houston State University.

According to the project charter, for the last decade, SHSU has been using two-way radio communications for multiple departments and divisions across the campus. Additionally, Facilities Management has been using this type of system for the last 30 years.

Currently, SHSU utilizes approximately 350 hand-held radios on campus using three repeaters for communication across the campus.

The project is being funded mainly through Higher Education Assistance Fund allocations. However, roughly 20 percent of the total is being funded by the Division of Information Technology’s operations and maintenance funds which currently supports the radio program.


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