Sidewalk, Bathroom Improvements Making Campus More ADA Friendly

A few notes from the Houstonian (Jan. 27) on some of the recent changes on campus to make it compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act:
Over winter break, Sam Houston State University worked to make the campus more compliant with the Americans with Disabilities Act. Two years ago, Student Body President Spencer Copeland conducted a safety walk with others around campus and found many buildings and areas that did not meet ADA requirements.

Completed ADA compliance projects include widening of a sidewalk on the Gaertner Performing Arts Center’s west side and upgrades to bathrooms in the Dan Rather Communications Building. The restrooms now have automated doors and bigger stalls.

Aside from the main projects on campus, other renovations have occurred. According to Facilities Management Manager Douglas Greening, work was done to different sidewalks and street corners throughout the break.

“During November to January… [We] installed a curb ramp at the southeast corner of Avenue I and 16th…and installed curb cuts at [the] music building loading dock entrance,” Greening said.

Greening said more projects are lined up to take place. The Health and Kinesiology Center is set to be the next building to be renovated with ADA improvements to its restrooms.


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