FAMC Dorm Upgrades Progressing

More news about the new life being created, in the basement no less, of Belvin-Buchanan Hall from the Houstonian (Feb. 23):
The area directly beneath the residence that once functioned as campus dining hall Café Belvin is currently under renovation, transforming the space into a multi-functional facility for college of fine arts and mass communication majors. The space will include a theatre, sound studios, computer lab, dance studio and conference rooms for student use.

The additions to the residence will serve multiple concentrations within the college.

An 80-chair theatre with movable seats will include a stage and large projection screen with 7.1 surround sound capability. Lights and sound will be operated out of a control room in the theatre, which also houses multiple storage rooms to aid in the space’s reconfiguration.

The renovations also include three sound isolation studios, a collaboration studio, recording studio and dance rehearsal studio. A digital studio featuring two PC and two iMac computers loaded with high-end software as requested by each department of in the college will be available for student use.

One of the more state-of-the-art aspects of the renovation is the Virtual Acoustical Environment (VAE) Acoustic Studio, where students can program the room to nine different acoustic environments. In the VAE Studio, students can record and playback their performances.

A student gallery where visual art students can showcase their work is also under development...art will periodically be rotated through the gallery in order to keep the pieces fresh.

The current renovations are only phase one....[a]fter approximately a year of use, the space may expand into phase two, where the theatre would be expanded and other popular aspects of the creative community would be updated.

...phase one will allow students to use the space and provide feedback. Then, they will examine how students use the space and continue to develop from there.


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