Johnson Coliseum Seeks $9.5 Million renovations From TSUS

News from the Houstonian (Feb. 18) about renovations to Johnson Coliseum being voted on at the recent Texas State University System’s Board of Regents meeting:

The project would cost $9.5 million and would replace mechanical equipment from 1976, add 1,000 seats, make restrooms ADA compliant, renovate dressing and training rooms, and build out approximately 4,000 square feet.

The money would come from TSUS Revenue Bonds, and the preliminary project cost is based on a third-party estimate.

Johnson Coliseum opened in 1976 as University Coliseum and was later dedicated to Bernard G. Johnson, the former president of the Board of Regents. The coliseum currently holds 6,110 seats and hosts athletic games, commencement and various events hosted by Sam Houston State University.


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