Administration Building Almost 100 Years Old

A lot of the original buildings on the campus quadrangle would turn 100 this decade had they not been torn down.  The Science and Administration Building was built in 1916 and the Houstonian (Mar. 16) tells a little about it's past:
The yellow-brick building at the heart of the Sam Houston State University campus, known as the Bobby K. Marks Administration Building, will be celebrating its sentential next year.

The Bobby K. Marks Administration Building was built in 1916. It was the sixth permanent sculpture building to appear and the first science building on campus.

The administration building has served several different roles throughout its time. It was once the YMCA and it used to have the university bookstore inside.

In the past, the school was considering tearing the building down because they thought it was structurally unsound. Later, it turned out that it was not structurally unsound so they decide to renovate the building in 1997 when it got new heating, plumbing, air-conditioning and wiring.

The administration building is now modernized and structurally sound.


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