UPD Building Renovates, Expands

The Houstonian reports on the newly-remodeled Tackett UPD Building:

Planning for building expansion first began two to three years ago. The actual renovations began in spring 2014 and substantial completion, as officers are still attempting to do last minute unpacking, was in late January.

To allow for the expansion, the department of Small Business Development first had to move out of the building and across the street to University Hut.

There are now two sections to the building: parking and policing. Glass has been added to the parking section, where students handle parking permits and citations, as a safety measure for the employees that deal with upset individuals.

There are also now two separate entrances to the building for parking and policing in an attempt to avoid confusion.

There is a bust of former Police Chief Charles W. Tackett, who the building was named after, which will be placed in the foyer entrance lobby of the UPD section of the building, along with furniture that has yet to arrive.

There is also another interesting addition to the renovation, besides the color scheme of the exterior of the building. If students drive by the police building at night, they will notice green lights bordering the doors of the building.

The tradition dates back to the 17th century...and represents the “watchmen” who guarded the city and people at night carrying green lanterns. It was a way to let the people know that they could still feel that sense of security through the night because help was available.


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