Campus roads In ‘Hot Water’

Getting around campus on foot takes time - now those of you driving can expect delays because of road closures, notes the Houstonian (Mar. 16):

Hot water leaks on both Bobby K. Marks Drive and Avenue I caused the closures of both on-campus roads over the past few weeks.

Doug Greening, associate vice president for Facilities Management of Sam Houston State University, said that construction on Avenue I, also known to students as Cheese Circle located between the CHSS building and Academic Building IV, is coming to an end.

“There was a hot water leak at that location and we also made some adjustments to the chilled water line there,” Greening said. “The work is done in the hole and they’re working on filling the hole up and making repairs to the street right now.”

However, the more utilized through-street, Bobby K. Marks Drive which runs between the Newton Grisham Library and intramural fields, may take a bit longer to complete.

“On Bobby K. Marks we had a similar problem,” Greening said. “We had a series of hot water leaks. They went underground and got into some other outlets underneath the road so the road now is damaged—the road always has been somewhat settled in that area and the city has come over and overlaid it several times. We think that the hot water that came from our leaks got down into those caverns under the street and caused further problems in the street.”
So, eh, what exactly are students calling Cheese Circle?


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